Craig Craig Clark

  • Craig had been diving for years as an open water diver and has logged more than 2000 dives. In 1999 he became an open water instructor with NASDS or National Association of Scuba Diving Schools. He transferred to SSI (Scuba Schools International) in the year 2000 when SSI bought NASDS. In 2005 Craig was given the rating of Master Open Water Instructor. In 2004 became a D.A.N (Diver’s Alert Network) oxygen first aid instructor and SSI React Right oxygen First Aid Instructor. Craig also teaches most of the SSI specialty courses such as Assistant Instructor, Navigation, Night and Limited Visibility, Deep Diving, Stress and Rescue, Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox, Dry Suit and the Technical Deep Wreck and Decompression Courses.  Craig is also a cave diver and has learned from some of the best around.
  • Paul Rhodes

Paul began diving at the age of 15 years old. He has always had a love for the water, watersports, and exploring the depths of the ocean. Paul is a recreational and professional diver. He has many hours logged from diving in the Cayman’s to the Keys, the Gulf and the Atlantic and various springs here in Florida. In 1990 he became certified as an advanced open water diver and in 2017 he started working on becoming a dive guide, dive master and assistant instructor. As of November of 2020 Paul has become an open water instructor. He is certified in emergency first aid, CPR, and is an O2 provider. He is looking forward to meeting, training and diving with new scuba adventurist soon.