Meet Wayne Schreiber


Wayne is a 30+ Year Veteran Technician certified in all major brands of scuba equipment. As an experienced Technical Diver, Wayne understands how your scuba equipment NEEDS to work!

Current Rate Schedule
 Service  Current Rate
Complete Regulator Annual Service $90.00
First Stage $40.00 EA.
 Second Stage $30.00 EA.
Gauge Service $15.00
Regulator Assembly and test                                                        ( $75.00)
B/C Overhaul $20.00
Inflator Hose Only $15.00
K-Din Valve Overhaul $12.00
Burst Disc Replacement $10.00
Bench Test $8.00
Computer Battery Replacement $15.00
Hydro Air $55.00
Hydro Nitrox $65.00
VIP/Plus Air $25.00
VIP/Plus Nitrox $35.00
Labor charges are due when equipment is dropped off
** Prices DO NOT Include Parts **