Meet Chad Patterson

Chad can service every major brand of scuba gear available on the market today. He has been factory authorized by every manufacture of dive regulators including Poseiden and full face masks. Chad was a former dive shop owner where he was the chief technician. As an experienced diver, Chad knows how your equipment is suppose to work. Chad is also certified by the DOT as a Hydrostatic test technician.

Service labor rates

Complete annual regulator service $95.00

Single stage


Gauge service

Bench Test

Regulator test and assembly $60.00

Computer battery replacement $15.00

Burst disc replacement

B/C Overhaul

B/C inflator

Tank Testing

Hydro air $65.00

Hydro Nitrox $75.00

Vip air $25.00

Vip Nitrox $35.00

K-valve $15.00

All prices listed do not include parts