Learn to SCUBA Dive and enjoy a Lifetime Pastime. First off we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce you to the underwater world. Our programs can be planned to accommodate anyone’s busy schedule. Your international certification will be accredited through SSI (Scuba School International). SSI is the largest “dealer based” agency in the world with over 1900 dealers in 82 countries. SSI requires that all SSI professional instructors conduct scuba programs through an SSI authorized dealer giving you the most thorough, consistent, up-to-date program available.


General Group Classes: General tuition $350.00. Minimum items that you will need to purchase, from the Aquatic Center of Ocala, that we do not provide, are mask, fins, snorkel, boots, mouthpiece, and SSI logbook package. This gives us the opportunity to properly fit you and to assure you have a correct fit for your safety and comfort. If these items are bought from the Aquatic Center, the tuition for the course is just $299.95. This is a $50.00 savings. If you bring in mask, fins, snorkel from another source, Aquatic Center reserves the right, for your safety, to examine your mask and fins to assure they are scuba quality. Class price includes, student kit, use of our classroom and on-sight pool along with other items listed below. Semi Private Classes: Receive the same personal attention in the class and pool segment as you would with the full private class except take your open water dives with a group for only $425.00. Tuition includes, student kit and everything listed below. Private Classes: Enjoy the personal attention you will receive with a one on one with the instructor in all three steps in the training. Step one is classroom, Step two is pool training and step three is your open water dives. The class is tailored to fit your schedule. Only $495.95 per person plus you receive student kit and items listed below. ALL COURSE FEES INCLUDE:
  • SSI Open Water Diver Certification Card (Internationally Recognized)
  • 20-Hour Complete comprehensive Scuba Course
  • All class are held in our modern “interactive classroom” with comfortable seating
  • Pool sessions are taught in our on-site pool with no pool usage fees.
  • Air Delivery System, Information System & Buoyancy Control System provided for the entire duration of the class.
The above items are minimal requirements to go through any Open Water Program by a professional full service dive store.  It is important your Open Water Diver Program is all-inclusive without hidden fees.  Your “Personal Snorkeling System” consisting of “SCUBA quality” Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Boots, Mouthpiece & SSI DiveLog will not be included in the course fee. The cost for these items will range from $255.00 to $325.00 depending on the quality you select and your budget.  Please do not purchase any equipment until we have met with you.  Being fit by a SCUBA professional, along with the option of exchanging or upgrading items is important during your program.  It is important to learn to dive with your own properly fitted equipment.  EQUIPMENT SPECIAL:  Purchase a complete dive system from the Aquatic Center and get your certification class absolutely free. Complete dive system includes the following items. Mask, fins, snorkel, boots, wetsuit, regulator, buoyancy compensator, dive computer and a mesh bag. We offer package pricing from the manufacture at substantial savings. MISSED SESSIONS If you miss an assigned class or pool session, you will be required to make up that session prior to moving on.  There is no fee to make up a missed session if they are made up in a timely manner. Cancelation Policy: If you drop out of a class after the class has already started, because we have instructor time involved, and because we cannot fill that slot with someone else, there is no refund allowed. If you cancel your class with a minimum of two days advance notice, before the first class session, a refund will be given minus a $35.00 cancelation fee.


After completion of your class and pool sessions (STEPS ONE & TWO), you will join your instructor for two days of fun-filled diving in the open water!  During your Open Water Sessions your air delivery system, buoyancy control systems, and exposure system will be provided to you at no charge. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU TAKE YOUR OPEN WATER SESSIONS WITH AQUATIC CENTER OF OCALA, THERE WILL BE NO ADDITIONAL COST FOR THE INSTRUCTOR TO  CERTIFY YOU.  Things such as food, travel, park entry fees and incidentals will be your responsibility during the Open Water Sessions. ** Should you end up doing your Open Water Session with a dive resort during vacation, Aquatic Center of Ocala will issue you a Universal Referral Letter at no charge. ** You must complete your Open Water Certification Sessions within 3 months after the completion of your program.  After 3 months, you will be required to attend a SCUBA SKILLS UPDATE Program at a fee of $125.00. We at the Aquatic Center schedule training trips on a continual basis.  We recommend that you complete your training within 60 days of your pool session. Students are required to cover the cost of his or her open water park entry fees.  A variety of trips are offered monthly such as Manatee Springs, Blue Grotto, Devil’s Den, and Paradise Springs.  The entry fees will vary from $40.00 per day at Devil’s Den to $45.00 per day at Blue Grotto. MISSED SESSIONS If you miss an Open Water Session, you will be required to make up that session prior to moving on.  If the missed sessions are made up in a timely manner, there will be no additional charges.


Prior to the first class, you must purchase your own Personal Snorkeling System from The Aquatic Center which includes SCUBA quality:
  • Mask
  • Boots
  • Snorkel
  • Mouthpiece
  • Fins
  • SSI DiveLog
**I UNDERSTAND THAT I AM NOT TO PURCHASE ANY EQUIPMENT UNTIL MEETING WITH A STAFF MEMBER OF AQUATRIC CENTER OF OCALA FOR AN EQUIPMENT ORIENTATION. **ALL SCUBA EQUIPMENT USED IN AQUATIC CENTER OF OCALA’S WATER SESSIONS MUST HAVE CURRENT VIP, Hydro, BCP & AIR SLEEVES PROPERLY AFFIXED & DISPLAYED.  EQUIPMENT WITHOUT THESE SLEEVES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE WATER UNTIL THE AQUATIC CENTER TECHNICIAN CAN INSPECT IT AND ASSURE IT IS WORKING PROPERLY.  SEE SERVICE RATES ON OUR WEBSITE. It is highly recommended you continue your education and experience after becoming certified. The SSI Specialty Courses introduce you to a wider variety of diving activities. Advanced Diver, Navigation, Nitrox, and Stress and Rescue are just a few to choose from, information provided to you upon request. The Aquatic Center of Ocala has an active dive club, which is an excellent way to meet new divers and make new friends but also a way to take advantage of the many trips that the club has to offer. We offer trips around the state and to Caribbean destination like Cozumel Mexico, Roatan, and Utila Honduras, Cayman Brac and Curacao. There is always an opportunity to go diving and “We Make Diving Fun”.