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This is new technology from a company called Ocean Guardian and is called shark shield. It is designed to repel sharks for scuba divers. It works real well for spear fisherman. It fits behind the BCD.

Outlaw BCD

This BCD features, back inflation from 12 to 25 LBS lift capacities, Grip lock tank band, bladder retraction system, very light weight and the most travel friendly BCD on the market, sure lock II integrated weight system. Is only available in stores with a MAP of only $425.00, it is in stock at the Aquatic Center.

New from AquaLung. The i770c wrist dive computer that features, a full color LED screen, Bluetooth, Hoseless gas integration, manages up to 4 nitrox mixes, 3 axis full tilt compass, automatic altitude adjustment and salt or fresh water dive adjustment.

This is in stock and available at the Aquatic Center




New from Marine Sports, a magnetic Octo holder

AquaLung has four equipment packages that are aggressively priced. The package shown is the Essential package that features the Titan Regulator, ABS Octo, the Pro HD B/C and the i300 dive computer with pressure gauge. The package is priced at only $969.00

Big Blue dive lights are made here is Florida. These lights are on the cutting edge of LED technology. They feature aircraft aluminum casing, rechargeable battery and charger. They are smaller and brighter than most other dive lights on the market.

For the traveling diver, we carry these folding B/C and wetsuit hangers that are designed to fold up in your luggage.

The Seacraft dive scooter is for the diver who wants professionally designed diving equipment. Durable and easy to maintain and can work at depths up to 1000 feet or 300 meters. Can travel up to 19 miles on one battery charge. Has digital navigation system with a distance meter and bottom timer. Average time for charging to 100% is 5 hr.

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