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AquaLung has purchased a dry suit manufacturer called Whites which is a Canadian company.  I have been told that they have just 5 sizes of suits but each suit is adjustable to accommodate different people in the same size category.  The suit features dry socks which can be worn inside a wet suit boot. It also features easy self replaceable wrist seals. This suit is called the Fusion One made of a trilam type of material.  The suit will be on special until the end of October 2015 for only $799.00 Regular price is $1299.00



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  1. Craig Clark says:

    You may have noticed that Aqua Lung has come out with a carbon fiber scuba cylinder. This is just like the scba cylinders that fire fighters use. At this time however, it is not available in stores to the public as it is only available to the military. This is the next generation of dive tanks and I am sure there will be a lot of questions like buoyancy control, and how much extra weight am I going to need since the tanks buoyancy is very positive. I do not know when it will be available to the general public but, it will be some time soon I would imagine.

  2. Craig Clark says:

    Aqualung has issued a recall notice for pull clips on weight pockets for some of their buoyancy compensators. The recall is aimed at weight pockets that have rubber pull handles. According to the service bulletin, the rubber can come apart when trying to remove or ditch the weight pocket. The new replacement clips are made of fabric and Aqualung has sent us a good supply of these clips. If your BC has rubber clips, just bring in the weight pockets and we can we can remove the old clips and install the new ones while you wait. There is no charge for this service.

  3. Craig Clark says:

    We are sponsoring excursions to the USS Oriskany. The diving season is May through September aboard Intruders of the Deep. The boat will be based in Pensacola during the diving season. See our technical diving tab on the website. The boat is capable of accommodating up to 4 divers and all of their equipment. If you are a wreck diving enthusiast and have always wanted to dive this ship, give us a call. You must be certified in advanced decompression diving in order to be a part of the dive team. This is serious wreck penetration that has been called the new Mt Everest of diving. The dive boat is operated by captain Dave Sandgren of Ocala. We have laid cave line through out the entire ship and have explored it from bow to stern. Capt. Dave is a very experienced technical diver and a great dive guide.

  4. Craig Clark says:

    AquaLung,our main supplier,has purchased a dive computer manufacturer and will now have their own brand of dive computers. As of December 31st 2015, they are no longer carrying Suunto dive computers. If you purchased a Suunto dive computer, and it is under factory warranty, you can still get service and warranty work done at Calypso Divers in Tampa.

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