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Full Face Snorkeling Mask

mk-105-ks This is a one piece mask and snorkel combination. Because it is a full face mask, the swimmer can breath from both the mouth or the nose. It is a one size fits all mask with and adjustable head strap.

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AquaLung has purchased a dry suit manufacturer called Whites which is a Canadian company.  I have been told that they have just 5 sizes of suits but each suit is adjustable to accommodate different people in the same size category.  The suit features dry socks which can be worn inside a wet suit boot. It also features easy self replaceable wrist seals. This suit is called the Fusion One made of a trilam type of material.  The suit will be on special until the end of October 2015 for only $799.00 Regular price is $1299.00



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Whats New

We have started carrying a line of full face snorkeling masks. These are primarily for the snorkeler. It features for adults a one size fits all because of the way the straps adjust. The snorkel fits on the top to allow you to breath with your face down in the water. The snorkel is a dry snorkel which means water does not get in, even if you dive underwater.





New from Marine Sports, a magnetic Octo holder




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